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Napisała Dział: English Corner

dmitry-miniWe present the second part of the interview with Dmitry Glukhovsky, courtesy of our editors Anna "Mysza" Piotrowska (text and translation) and Anna "Yenfri" Siczek (photos). You can find the first part of the interview here. You can also read the interview in Polish.

Kawerna: You mentioned earlier that you’re a big fan of the “Fallout” game series. Your book “Metro 2033” was turned into a game. Did you have a big part in the development process?

Dmitry Glukhovsky: The entire plot of the game is based on my book, so I supervised the story development. But creators hired American screenwriters to write the screenplay for the game – the gameplay. Then they Google-translated it back into Russian and showed it to me (makes horrified face). I basically had to rewrite everything. I didn’t want to disappoint the Russian gamers who knew the original. So I changed everything back to my own language, my own metaphors, my own legends, myths and jokes. Therefore all the text that Russian gamers see in the game is my text. I felt obliged to do that, cause I didn’t want anyone to spoil the original, authentic language of the book within the game.


Napisała Dział: English Corner

dmitry-miniDuring his visit in Poland, Dmitry Glukhovsky – the author of "Metro 2033", "Metro 2034" and "It's Getting Darker" (Czas zmierzchu) – sat down with our editors, Anna "Mysza" Piotrowska and Anna "Yenfri" Siczek. This resulted in a extensive interview, the first part of which you can read today (both in English and in Polish).
Text and translation by Anna Piotrowska; photos by Anna Siczek.

Kawerna: November 9th marked the premiere of your newest book “Czas zmierzchu”. It’s a whole other literary genre than “Metro 2033” and “Metro 2034”. How did you feel writing something so different?

Dmitry Glukhovsky: Well, I feel absolutely urgent about writing something different. First I wrote “Metro 2033”, then “Czas zmierzchu”, then “Metro 2034” and by the time I started writing “Czas zmierzchu”, I had already spent 5-6 years down there, in the metro, so I really wanted to do something different. One of my nightmares is actually to become J. K. Rowling or Arthur Conan Doyle, who for the rest of his life was handcuffed to Sherlock Holmes and Rowling is handcuffed to Harry Potter and they can’t get anywhere. She can write a beautiful novel about ancient Rome and then everybody says “What the fuck? Write about Harry Potter, we don’t want to read about this crap. We have other authors to write about this. Harry Potter! Give us more!”