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My Two Years Old Untitled Song

Come to what about we both
We were talked to trees and stones
Whilst escapes through strange cold wonderland

Basic ambitious are too far
Although will of fevered heart
Can not ever been just gone beyond

Likely wanted hugging
What appears at night
Shows vacant under
Pretty blotter shroud

But it’s nothing seem to change
But it’s nothing seem… on time
But it’s nothing seem to change on time

Force surrender
To disorder
Running down
To remember face

Neverending waiting days

Even if we demand less

Lost tomorrow
Can you feel the sorrow?

Maying only stay at here

Grayish sky
Feeding eyes
Doesn’t build apathy
Doesn’t give salvation
Tries to lead to fatal deal

But it’s nothing… (itd.)

Already used to be alone
Merely want to go to join
Miss kind of kindlinesses oasis

Several days of happy life
Quickly dead and gone farewalled

Are you really looking for?

Search by her mading mind
What they’ve done to him tonight
And not spoken asks
That she forbade herself

Entwining threads
Of table cloth
She forgets to live
Breeding beauty longing
As if it’s the nicest boast

Please, don’t worry
Can you feel the sorry?
Please, don’t worry,
Realise that’s all
I am for you so
I am for you so…